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The hostess moved to a new house. Not until she finish putting things in order, was the power suddently cut. It was very dark in the room. 


Somebody knocked at the door as soon as the hostess touched the candle and match.


Opening the door, she found that it was a boy, who looked up with his hands behind his back, asking, "Aunt, do you have candles?"


How it could be that I moved her just one day, some neighbour ordered about the child to borrow things, wasn't that to bully the Today, I lent you a candle, maybe tomorrow you would ..e here to brorrow onions, gingers(姜) and garlics, no, no! The hostess then replied, "Ah, unfortunately, I just moved here, and don't prepare candles." With that, she got ready to close the door.


"Aunt, look, my mum asked me send you." The little boy moved his hands forward and held up highly two thick candles, seeming to perform a conjuring(魔术) trick.


Facing the child's clear and glistening(闪亮的) eyes, the hostess was stupefied, leaning on the door feebly(无力地) and holding her face with two hands, afraid to look him in the eye.

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