Boots Robot

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One morning, manager asked me going to deliver a heavy water feature.

He said: "This water feature is very heavy, you should be careful and I'll find a pair of boots for you. What size do you wear?"

"Number six."

"Ok! Let me go to find."

A few minutes later, he carried a pair of boots to me and said:

"I couldn't found six, I found nine. Little big for you, you can put some tissue paper inside."

"Don't worry!" I took them over and put them on my feet and then walked away.

A few hours later, I came back from delivery and got in our garden centre with heavy stepping.

Every body laughed at me:

"You are a robot."

I am 165 tall, wear size 6 shoes normal, today I am still same tall, but wore size 9 boots, that is heavy duty boot, so I am looked like a robot, that’s true.

Some months later, our garden centre issued every staff a pair right size new boots.

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